windows cleaning and more!

Brighten up your summer with a fresh view of the world

This is a brand new website and we are just getting it online! It’s still pretty basic – but check back in a week or two and find out how we can make your summer brighter and sunnier with clean windows, gutters, screens and more! Posted: 3/23/2022

As a local company, we are positioned to address your cleaning problems as it fits your needs directly. Licensed and bonded, you can trust us to give your house the care that it deserves.

Solar Panels 

window washing


time to clean the:



Windows – inside and out

We have the tools and supplies to do it right. Whether they are 100 year old double-hung windows behind the shrubbery or giant picture windows overlooking the bay from the second floor, we can make them sparkling clean.

frames & screens

If the window is clean, you certainly don’t want to be looking at the winter’s collection of dust on your screens. We can take care of that.

solar panels

Solar panels are maintenance free – but washing off that layer of dirt is only going to make them a little more efficient.



Gutters overflowing? Don’t want to climb up on your roof? Let Shawn do it! With all the leaves and needles removed, water will through the downspouts like it’s supposed to!


pressure washing

Whether it be a synthetic deck or an old concrete walkway, a good pressure washing can clean it up and make it sparkle!

deck glass

Don’t forget the ‘windows’ that edge your deck. Sit back and enjoy a clear view from your lounge chair.

roof cleaning

Moss removal, mold remediation, and cleaning of other yucky stuff.