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This is a brand new website and we are just getting it online! It’s still pretty basic – but check back in a week or two and find out how we can make your summer brighter and sunnier with clean windows, gutters, screens and more! Posted: 5/23/2022

You could do it yourself – but do you have the ladders? Do you have the brushes? An extendable mop to reach the top of the wall? Maybe it’s time to hire a professional!

Insured, Licensed, and Bonded – You can count on Shawn to do a careful, professional job of your cleaning tasks.

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Shawn Laughlin

Shawn Laughlin


Shawn and his family live here in Bellingham, Washington. Settled in the Pacific Northwest, he wants your repeat business and for you to recommend him to your friends and associates. So when he does your job, he wants it done right and he wants a satisfied customer!

With experience, proper tools and cleaning supplies, and the wish to do an excellent job, your cleaning needs are in good hands!

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“Better living through clean windows!”